Our service level for Multiple Employer Plans is special because we put the burden all on us. You can think of us as your air-traffic controllers. And you can sit back and let us lead. Our measure of success is becoming an extension of your firm. We’re here to be your most reliable partner – that simply gets it done.

Integrated Recordkeeping and Administration

As an Integrated Recordkeeper and TPA, you’ll find we are the “Better Bundle.” Unlike other providers who only play one of these roles (and touch your plan only intermittently throughout the year), we’re on top of your plan, every day.

We are continually doing our holistic due diligence – keeping immaculate records and adhering to all of the highest standards managing your plan.

Essentially, we keep your plan clean – so you look good to your clients.

Single Source Solution for MEP Sponsors

To sum it up – we handle everything. And we’re good at it. We take the unnecessary loads off your shoulders – so you can get back to what you do best.

We’re the recordkeeper, the TPA, and participant call center. We take care of the custodian and trading platforms. We coordinate with your advisors and lawyers. And we work directly with your adopters – whether on intake, plan design, testing or anything else. All to offer you a thoroughly integrated, single-source solution.

Fiduciary Watchdog

Not only are our services designed to make your day-to-day easier – they’re engineered to keep you fully compliant.

Incoming Plan Due Diligence
Every time you add client adopters to your MEP, you run the risk of tainting the entire plan for everyone. But our Merger Due Diligence process makes sure that will never happen – by meticulously vetting every incoming plan, without slowing down the merger process.

Daily Guardian
We’ve got our eyes wide open every day:

  • We audit each and every payroll for potential issues, keeping your records and plan contributions clean and accurate.
  • We check all distribution and loan requests against the plan’s applicable policies to help you ensure that all such transactions align with plan rules.
  • We monitor alerts and announcements from the regulatory authorities and let you know what issues they present for you.
  • We stay in constant contact with you to make sure all contributions are deposited on time, and in conformity with DOL standards.

The Big “Little” Things
We handle the smaller details so you don't have to:

  • Through our Plan Notices Fulfillment, we send out for you every regulatory notice the government requires – so you never get buried in paper.
  • And by integrating recordkeeping and administrative services, we can verify contribution rates, eligibility, and employer contributions with each payroll so your plan stays in compliance.

Plan Notices Fulfillment

Whether you realize it or not (and whether you like it or not) – there is a never-ending stack of information you need to get into the hands of your plan participants. And MEP sponsors face the additional issue of having unique notice requirements – for every client adopter.

But with BlueStar, all of that becomes our responsibility. And we’re good at it. We save you time, money, and headaches by taking it all on:

  • Enrollment Kits
  • Summary Annual Reports
  • Summary Plan Descriptions
  • Safe Harbor Notices
  • Automatic Contribution Notices
  • QDIA Notices
  • Participant Fee Disclosures
  • Mapping Notices

Not only will we send out the government-required hard copies, but we also post them all electronically – secure and user-friendly.

Day-to-Day Heavy Lifting

You know better than anyone – there’s a lot to get done, every day. And we’ve got a hunch your current provider is still making you do most of it.

At BlueStar – the day-to-day nuisances that drain your time – are no longer your problems. Because we make them ours. (Isn’t that a novel idea?)

Here’s just a glimpse of what we’d love to do for you:

  • Loans initiation management
  • Distributions management
  • Loan defaults processing
  • Automatic force-outs
  • Forfeiture tracking
  • Automatic enrollment tracking
  • Eligibility determinations and notifications
  • Plan mergers management
  • And much, much more.

We know our stuff so you can know yours. We keep you connected so you’re in the loop. We make it easy for you to get the data you need, in the format you want it.

Reporting And Information At All Levels: MEP, Adopter, Participant

As an MEP, your needs are far more complex than basic single-employer plans. We understand this. And we’ve designed our services specifically to cater to you.

Sometimes you need to see the view from the top, over the whole MEP; we’ve got that covered. Sometimes you need adopter-by-adopter info; also in our wheelhouse. One day you’ll need to look at one single participant, and the next – across a group of participants or adopters. Either day, we’re on it.

While most providers are only set up to give you a portion of the information or perspective you need (only covering some of your levels) – we are blanketed across all:

  • Omnibus: The entire MEP with everything aggregated.
  • Adopter by Adopter: As individuals or grouping any number together.
  • Participant by Participant: Also as individuals or grouping any together.

See Behind The Curtain, Direct Into Our Workflow, Via PlanConnect

In the complex space of MEPs – PlanConnect is our Air Traffic Control. It gives us real-time visibility into what we’ve done and what we need to do next – and we make it all accessible to you.

With full sight into our workflow, you’ll come to know and appreciate our service standards. You’ll also be able to watch as everything unfolds (plan amendments, enrollment meetings, distributions, loans, loan payoffs, rollovers, plan testing, plan transfers and new adopter setups.) Then, you can rest assured we’ve got it all under control.

Flexible Data Exchange

You need information. We have information. Things like contribution rates, loans, loan payoffs, distribution requests and anything else you require. We know there needs to be a conduit between us. So just tell us how you want the data – and that’s how we’ll deliver it. We have all kinds of methods enabled (email, FTP, on-demand reports, customized file formats). You choose whichever works for you.