Choice and control. That’s what BlueStar gives back to:

No Proprietary Funds

True Open Architecture means NO proprietary investment options that we’ll try to sell you – or force you to use. Unlike working with a mutual fund family, investment manager or insurance company, with BlueStar you’re always free to simply pick the best tool for the task – from literally thousands of investment options.

ETFs. And much, much more

With BlueStar, your choices don’t stop at mutual funds. You’ll also have access to thousands of ETFs – all matched with trading mechanics designed specifically for retirement plans. Plus, you’re able to select from a variety of CIFs and UMAs – or even choose to create your own unitized accounts.

The Model for Model Management

If your proprietary investment strategies are a key selling point to your business – we’ve got the tools to help execute them even better. We let you manage your model allocations online, on demand, and in real time – by letting you set them up directly in our account management and trading system. You’re able to unitize your model strategies plan-by-plan, or on an omnibus basis. And even implement automatic glide-path adjustments across your model breadth.

Self-Directed Accounts

Take advantage of absolute control and flexibility with integrated self-directed brokerage accounts. The ability to access non-core asset categories for portfolios is something your C-Suite clients will applaud. And our integrated daily reporting on SDA balances provides the visibility they’ll demand.