We are not the big guys -- and we’re proud of it. At BlueStar, we try a little harder. We pick up the phone when you call. We know your name.

But more importantly, we’re flexible. We’re adaptable. We believe in molding to your needs rather than the other way around. And, above all, we take the complex and make it easy to understand by providing a single source for all of the components. Just give us the data you already have and we’ll make it work.

We’ve got the full service package you need ready to go. But if you need something special, just let us know. If your current provider can’t handle the intricacies of your situation, come to us. Because we can – and we will.

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You’ve got a business to run. So let our Integrated Recordkeeping & Plan Administration services handle all of your plan’s administrative duties. We watch your retirement savings plan with diligence and vigor – so that you can do the same for your company.

We take care of business. We verify contribution rates, eligibility, and employer contributions with each and every payroll so you don’t have to. If that isn’t enough, we also provide fulfillment services and multimedia education services for your participants.

When it comes to your plan’s fiduciary needs, we flat out watch your back. Our services are engineered and executed with your Plan’s fiduciary concerns in mind. We help plan fiduciaries minimize exposure.

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BlueStar is a team of experts. We hold the highest performance standard certification in our industry: The American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) Certification for Service Provider Excellence.

This Certification was developed to recognize recordkeeping and administration services firms that adhere to a standard of excellence and a dedication to industry best practices. With a sense of satisfaction and outright pride, we’ve distinguished ourselves in the marketplace with this certification.

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If you know Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs), you also know MEPs can be incredibly complex – loaded with moving parts and pieces.

But at BlueStar, we REALLY know MEPs. And we know better than to treat them the same. We understand first hand that no day is simply “business as usual.” And that’s why we’ve built a special service model to handle them. It makes things clean and easy – for all parties involved.

Participant Experience
Engaging Retirement
Planning Tools
Closing the Gap
Complete Online
Account Management
Educational services

We engage your employees. And we provide them with the full set of tools they need to prepare properly for retirement. We boil down the processes, communicate in plain English, and ready them for the future with engaging (yet simple) planning and educational tools – so that preparation doesn’t seem overwhelming. We make closing the gap between how much they’ve invested and how much they’ll need – achievable.

Your employees will get online access to everything they need to get on the right road to retirement. Interactive retirement planning calculators will help them understand HOW MUCH TO SAVE. Dynamic videos to teach them WHERE TO INVEST. And the MY PLAN center will make their plan’s key information accessible at all times.

Studies indicate nearly half of employees feel they’re behind schedule on investing for retirement. And that’s exactly why your plan exists – to get them READY.

We’ve got the tools to help make this a reality. They’ll help show your employees the difference between what they have and what they need. Utilizing targeted communications campaigns, we can get your employees on the right track together. You can choose to target a specific group of employees, or get your message to the entire company – all while using whatever media is best suited to the task (from email to postcards, from statement inserts to workplace posters, to much more).

All are designed to get people READY.

Our full-service account website provides all the account management tools you and your employees need to make the best decisions and take action.

From a single portal, your employees can:
• Enroll in a plan
• Change their savings rate
• Change their investments
• Research their investments
• Take a loan
• Request a distribution
• Download plan forms
• Run online reports
• View account statements

We believe the wisest choices are always the most educated ones. That’s why we cater to participants’ specific needs through custom webinars and educational sessions.

We’ve taken great care to make them anything but dry. The process becomes easy to understand, so your people increase their participation and awareness, and take charge of their futures.